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~ Other People - Beach House

I don’t know.

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~ 40 Days (Slowdive Cover) - Four Visions

"40 Days" - Four Visions (Slowdive cover)

Hospitality - "Friends Of Friends" from stereogum on Vimeo.

"Friends of Friends" - Hospitality

Life. Also, I interviewed this band for The Deli’s latest issue

~ Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover) - Widowspeak

"Wicked Game" - Widowspeak (Chris Isaak cover)

Heavy sigh.

~ Thee Oh So Protective One - Girls

"Oh So Protective One" - Girls

"I wonder if he is impressed.
Should i have worn the other dress?”
You’ve never had a doubt about yourself.
Why should you take it, then, from someone else?
And if by now he doesn’t see, maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Who hasn’t been there?

~ Dear Chan Marshall - We Are Trees

We Are Trees - “Dear Chan Marshall”

How can you deny a band who writes a song addressed to fine lady Chan Marshall a.k.a. Cat Power? Oh my god, the bangs! (Sorry, that’s the coffee talking — still shaking). We Are Trees is either a quartet or a solo project of James Nee from Virginia Beach. I don’t know the details, but I do know these string-laden tunes are so beautiful that you’ll sigh and swoon. It’s perfect for a quiet, contemplative Sunday afternoon. Highly recommended for fans of Grizzly Bear and The Antlers. The band (or Nee) is performing during this year’s CMJ — dates not posted yet. I won’t have a badge this year, but I’m going to try to hit up as many shows as I can.

Janelle Monáe - “Tightrope”

Fashion’s Night Out was kind of crazy, and when I mean kind of crazy, I mean I questioned why I was there every two seconds and it was complete and utter madness. I walked to Rockefeller Center after work to see Savoir Adore and Brahms play in the rink area. I caught some of Savoir Adore before I hightailed it to SoHo to catch Janelle Monáe. A lot of people were confused at Rockefeller Center and had no idea who was playing, but I’m sure all the bands all got a new, shiny set of fans after their respective sets.

Janelle’s voice seriously gives me the chills. When I heard her sing the first note of “Sincerely, Jane” outside the Ralph Lauren store yesterday, I shuddered. A lot of singers can’t recreate their performances on record when they perform live, but Ms. Monáe was perfection. She belted all those high and low notes without shaking out a single strand in her pompadour. She is quite the performer. She can dance the soles out of her shoes; her moves are freakishly fluid and you can’t take your eyes off of her if you tried. She also sang “Smile,” “Cold War” to a clusterfuck on West Broadway and ended with “Tightrope.” Jessica Alba and André Leon Talley were there, too. Meh.

Thought about going to see her perform with Of Montreal at Terminal 5 later this month, but I despise the venue. She’s going to be at the 9:30 Club, also loathe that venue, but check it if you’re in the D.C. area!

~ Kimi Ni Mune Kyun (YMO Cover) - The Depreciation Guild




“Kimi Ni Mune Kyun (YMO Cover)” by The Depreciation Guild, one of two region-exclusive tracks included in the Japanese release for In Her Gentle Jaws. These guys are touring Europe right now, but they’ll probably hit a city near you some time this October — I can’t wait to see them in Cincinnati!

The original “Kimi Ni Mune Kyun” music video by Yellow Magic Orchestra, by the way, is not to be missed:

The first half is pretty much what JC and I do every day, swaying our hips and snapping our fingers while dancing on top of Tiny’s face tiled across the floor. We don’t even have to type out our posts on keyboards; they just slowly fade into view as we clap our hands and stare at a video camera with dead eyes.

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Today is chiptune + guitars day on my tumblr

Auto reblog. Great band.

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